Gaby Ceron

Transitional Kindergarten

Rose Gonzales

Second Grade

Davette Kuiper

Fifth Grade

Andrea DeVries


Kylie Shannon

Third Grade

Stephanie Hernandez

TK Support Teacher

Edme Hernandez

First Grade

Joyce Kuan

Fourth Grade


 The teachers do more than just teach, they truly care for your child and your family like their own. The teachers stress the importance of learning and challenging your child in a healthy and positive way. Their attention to detail with each child's strengths and areas for development are unlike any other. 

- Parent at SCS

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Merri Patapoff

Kinder Support Teacher

Naomy Herrera

1st Grade Support Teacher

Edson Hernandez

2nd/3rd Grade Support Teacher

David Amaya

4th/5th Grade Support Teacher


The SCS Preschool staff is the type of staff you hope and pray for when leaving your child for the first time in a "school" environment. Every single preschool staff member, from the office staff, to the teachers, to the aids, ALL of them, love and care for my boys the way they would love and care for their own children. The care, love, attention, teaching, and prayer given to my boys has been a blessing to me and my family.

- Parent at SCS

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Kaila Griffin

2 Year Olds

Portia Fountain

2 Year Olds

April Carbone

3 Year Olds

Sabrina Bond

3 Year Olds

Barbara Jackson

Support Teacher

Valerie Whiteted

4 Year Olds

Mariam Hedjazi

Support Teacher

Gracie Ceron

4 Year Olds

Carla Casillas

Support Teacher

Office Staff

 If you are looking for a preschool and an elementary school that not only teaches and challenges your child academically, but also loves, cares and prays for your child and your family, this is the school for you. To have a school that strongly exceeds expectation in  both teaching and caring for my child, is like hitting the school jackpot. 

- Parent at SCS

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Margo Dickson

Principal/Preschool Director

Edme Hernandez

Elementary Lead Teacher

Lorraine McLintock

Business Manager

Tara Flores

Office Manager