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Click here if you would like to inquire about SCS and set up a tour to visit our campus.



Once you have visited our campus, click here to apply for SCS. There is a $20 application fee per student.*



Once accepted, you will get access to enrollment directly through FACTS Family Portal. There is an enrollment fee per student.*

Once you have been enrolled at Sunnyvale Christian School your child will automatically be enrolled for the following school year. You will be charged the annual enrollment fee unless a withdrawal form is submitted.

*The application fee and enrollment fee are non refundable. Please see below for pricing.

Enrollment Fee

Preschool Registration Fee:

Elementary Registration Fee: 



Tuition Schedule


2 years full time

2 years part time/ 3 & 4 years full time

3 & 4 years part time

Grades TK - 5th

Extended Care (7:30AM-8:00AM)

Extended Care (2:30PM-5:30PM)

Extended Care (AM & PM)

Total Cost
















Discounts Available

You may choose one of the following:

1. Multiple Students:

First child enrolled = full tuition

Second child enrolled = 15% on lower tuition 

Third child enrolled = 20% on lowest tuition

2. Crosswalk Church Membership: 10% with a letter from the church office

Tuition Payment

Elementary: Tuition can be paid monthly over a span of 11 months: August 1st - June 1st through FACTS Management electronic payment plan.


Preschool: Tuition can be paid monthly over a span of 11 1/2 months beginning in August 1st - July 1st through FACTS Management electronic payment plan.

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