Christmas Bonus for Staff

This year we have seen SCS staff rise up to work even more diligently for the safety of the campus in ways we could never imagine. At SCS, it is a cherished tradition for us to honor and thank our teachers and support staff with a Christmas Bonus from the families they serve. We would love if all SCS families show gratitude to the entire staff (teachers, support staff, and administrators) by blessing SCS with a financial gift. Not only will this thank them for the year past, but it will also encourage them for the New Year. If you would like to donate, please click on the donate button below and clearly designate this financial gift as ‘Christmas Bonus’ by Tuesday, December 14th. Be assured, 100% of your gift will be given to bless the full staff. 

Christmas Wreath


Sunnyvale Christian School is a Preschool and Elementary School that exists for the purpose of furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We work to provide a safe and structured learning environment that will assist students toward a balance of spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. We appreciate your love and support for our school! 

Masks in Classroom